3 Tips to get the most out of your GreenFee

How to plan the PERFECT golf day

Playing golf can be an ideal excuse to relax or have a fun, informal get-together with your mates. To avoid hassle and make the day perfect, we are here to show you some tips on planning your golf day without any problems.

  • Organising: creating a group on your favourite messaging app is the best way to pick an ideal date and come to an agreement. And don’t worry about the weather! We are proud to be located in Andalucía. A place where a warm sun shines until late at night.
  • Booking: we always recommend booking to avoid long waits. We have a service where you can book and pay through our website (Totally online!), giving you the advantage to pay on the spot and choose useful extras such as hire of club sets or buggies.
  • Enjoy: once you arrive at the course, you will have at your service a number of amenities that will enhance your day’s play, such as the SO/Sotogrande restaurant or SPA, where you can relax your muscles after an intense match.

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Proshop and golf advice

In our proshop you will find all the material you need, and you will avoid last minute worries or unforeseen events. In addition, if you have any doubts, you will be able to get advice on how to make the best possible purchase.

Remember: a well-equipped golfer is a golfer who improves his handicap. And in our proshop we have the most competent and reputable brands.

How to choose the best golf course

One of the advantages of choosing Almenara Club is the three different 9-hole courses you have at your disposal. This makes the difference and allows you to have three totally unique and unrepeatable experiences on the same course, from the most tranquil to the most demanding.

That is why we should look for the maximum variety possible, when choosing a golf course, and Almenara Golf has this advantage.

If you are curious, we invite you to visit our three courses, where you will find information and an interactive map that will show you the course from an innovative drone view. And this brings us to a key and an important point…

How to win a golf match BEFORE you play it

Knowledge will set you free” although Socrates was not known for his swing, he was known for having a brilliant mind. A trait shared by great golfers such as Jon Rahm, Tony Finau or our legendary and beloved Severiano Ballesteros. They all shared that “studying a golf course will give you a huge advantage“.

One of the advantages of Almenara is that we have an interactive map that gives you information about each hole, handicap, your par and annotations that will give you advantage over your opponents or friends.

Knowledge is power, use it and stand out in your next match.