7 Important details you should know before choosing a golf course

que debe tener un campo de golf

What makes a golf course a unique and exciting experience?

As players, this is a question we often ask ourselves before or after playing. It doesn’t matter if the goal is to have a good time playing or to drop 10 points on your handicap. At the end of the day we all want that experience: The sun on your face, the satisfaction of making a perfect, fluid swing, the smiles of your teammates.

To live that experience, you must have played several golf courses, and we all know that a negative recommendation can leave a bad taste. To avoid this, today we will show you some of the most relevant pros and details to consider before choosing a golf course using as a reference Almenara Golf.

Learn about the types of golf course

Starting blind on a course, far from being a pleasant adventure, can turn into a nightmare. Knowing the type of golf course you are going to play, it’s relevant. Some of the details you should be aware of are:

  • Designer
  • The course and its difficulty
  • Condition of the fairway.

Golf Course Designers

Sometimes an overlooked factor but perhaps the most important detail for a cultured player. The figure of the designer gives an image of the prestige of the course. There are great designers like ‘Seve’ Ballesteros who have created art. In some cases, designers even manage to generate long waits and reservations (even for months or years), making the course even more prestigious.

In the case of Almenara Golf, we are proud to have been designed by the legendary former British golfer and golf course designer Dave Thomas. His reputation as a golfer and an artist, has travelled the world, and he has designed over 100 golf courses. All that life experience has been reflected in Almenara, creating three unique and incredible golf courses.

Route and difficulty of a Golf Course

Every player aspires to different sensations in each round; a course with a wide variety of fairways is the perfect place. Almenara has three courses and a total of 27 holes:

  • Los Lagos: a nine-hole course that invites you to play among pine forests and landscapes framed by two lakes with wide fairways.
  • Los Alcornoques: a nine-hole green that rests on a large lake and, as its name suggests, is surrounded by beautiful cork oaks that offer a warm and welcoming setting. This course presents us with a notable variant of its predecessor in the form of undulating fairways.
  • Los Pinos: finishes this golf course where the golfer will find a quality course with new holes and narrow fairways, which also has a challenging par three. All this, is surrounded by the relaxing image of the pine trees that will accompany you on your golf day in a pleasant and natural environment.

What is the Fairway in Golf? How to know if the Fairway is in good condition?

For the best condition of a golf course, it’s primordial to keep the greens, fairways, and the course in its best condition, regardless of the summer or winter season. You will avoid lost balls in high grass or excessive bounces and enjoy a more fluid game, among many other advantages. In our case, Almenara Golf has an excellent greenkeeper who keeps the quality of the course at its highest level all year round.

How to choose the best accommodation for golfers

The game is not over until the moment when you can finally relax, and we recommend you do so in a top-notch accommodation. One of the most important details when choosing accommodation is the proximity to the golf course, as it’s close to the green provides extra comfort for the golfer.

In the case of the Almenara golf course, we are next to the five-star SO/Sotogrande hotel. It is full of luxury and comfortable space for the visitor to find in its activity and rest areas the very meaning of relaxation.

SO/Sotogrande is located in the epicentre of golfing activity. The hotel has more than 150 rooms with luxury suites and views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea or the golf course. In its exquisite restaurant, you can taste the most outstanding flavours of Spanish cuisine and discover an unparalleled international gastronomic offer.

Gastronomy and relax for golfers

At the end of the day it is essential to nourish our bodies with the best. To keep your energy up and enjoy a culinary experience of the highest level you need to go to a good restaurant.

In Almenara, the gastronomy and the quality of the rooms at SO/Sotogrande stand out for the SO/SPA. A thermal paradise where you can release tension and relax after a great day on the golf course.

How to find the best golf equipment

Every golf lover seeks to improve their style of play and lower their handicap. It is vital to have equipment adapted to the golfer’s needs.

At Almenara Golf, you will have a proshop dedicated exclusively to the interests of the player, as far as specialised sports equipment is concerned. You will receive the best possible advice in our proshop, and you will be able to see how your game improves with slight changes in equipment.