Everything you need to know to get started in golf


What is golf?

Golf is one of the oldest regulated sports in existence. It began in Scotland and spread thanks to the fact that army officers played it wherever they went to fight. It is now an Olympic sport played by more than 60 million people worldwide.

Golf is a precision sport played outdoors, in the middle of nature. It is an individual sport, which can be played at any age and at any time of the year, especially if you are on the Costa del Sol.

What is the purpose of golf?

This sport aims to get a small ball into 18 different holes in as few strokes as possible. Most courses have these 18 holes, although there are some smaller 9-hole courses, in which case the course is played twice.

How to play golf?

The winner is the golfer who completes the course in the fewest number of strokes.

Each hole is designed to be completed in a total number of strokes. This number is known as a par. A hole can be a par 3, 4, or 5. This is a guideline for everyone except professionals. A good golfer completes the course in about 72 strokes.

This is where a very famous term in golf comes into play, the handicap.

What is the handicap in golf?

It is the number of strokes a player needs to complete a round, compared to the number of strokes stipulated by the course. If you add up the par for each hole you get the score or par for the course. To calculate the handicap we take as a reference the number of strokes in which the course has been played and subtract the par of the course. The resulting number is the player’s handicap.

If the total strokes taken by the player coincide with the total number of strokes required by the course, the handicap is said to be “under par”. This rating is used to allow golfers of different levels to compete in the same tournament.

We call the golf match a tee-off and it usually lasts about 4.5 hours max.

OK! But what do I have to do to win?

This is a very technical sport, so the first thing we are going to recommend to learn to play golf is that you sign up for lessons and don’t get discouraged too soon. From there we explain that you can use up to 14 different clubs, depending on the requirements of each shot. You don’t use the same club for a long shot, where you need power, as you do for a short shot where you need accuracy.

As with the clubs, each player uses their ball, on some courses the balls are numbered so that you can distinguish yours, but it is important that if you think you might get confused you mark your ball. There is nothing worse seen than confusing your ball with the opponent’s ball.

How many types of golf are there?

The existing modalities are Stroke play and Match play.

Stroke play: this consists of counting the total number of strokes a player has taken to reach the end of the course.

Match play: this is a duel type of competition. Golfers compete against each other hole by hole, and the golfer who wins the most holes wins the game. A hole is won when you holed the ball in fewer strokes than your opponent. All 18 holes are played unless one of the players achieves an insurmountable lead, so the game ends early. It can also happen that the score is tied, in which case the game is played hole by hole until one of the players wins one of the holes.

Where can I play golf?

The Costa del Sol is nicknamed Costa del Golf for a good reason, at Almenara Golf we have golf offers combining green fees and buggies to make the most of your outing and get the most out of your day.

Our 18-hole course has a spectacular layout that blends into the natural park of Los Alcornocales. It is a course that presents an accessible challenge, designed for golfers of all levels to enjoy. Located in the prestigious Sotogrande, we strive to offer an exclusive experience where you can enjoy catering and accommodation if required.


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